Details about my VIP Tours at Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando

Details about each VIP Tour

Disney Ultimate Day of Thrills VIP Tour

Larger group, we had three Disney “plaid” guides. The VIP tour guides all wear the plaid pattern. If you know this, you can spot them throughout the park. The Ultimate Thrills VIP tour is all about riding the big rides in each park except Epcot. We met up in the morning at the ice cream parlor on Main Street in Magic Kingdom. We all got name tags and VIP badges on lanyards. We also turned in our order for lunch so there’d be no wait for food. For the rest of the day, the guides walked us from ride to ride. We went straight in as a group into the fast pass lane. When it came time to change parks we were escorted through back ways to access the back lot where they had three white vans waiting for us. The guides each then drove a van and took us to the next park as a convoy. This was the most efficient way to get from park to park because using the public transportation would have taken a lot longer. The vans could take us right to where we needed. When we arrived at Animal Kingdom or any of the parks we weren’t getting dropped off at the front door like all the other guests we were somewhere in the back so we could zoom right to the Everest ride. The guides were nice and I thought one of the best values was the knowledge they shared with us. This really made the tour special. They all had interesting tidbits to share about the park and each ride. They would point out Hidden Mickeys and even Hidden Donalds and Oswalds to look for. They told us interesting things about the Haunted Mansion which made the ride that much more amazing.
I would recommend the Disney Ultimate Thrills VIP Tour if your goal is to ride all the big rides without the hassle of planning fast passes and logistics of getting from ride to ride. There is almost no way for someone to complete what we did without the access that we had. If you’re going to skip a ride here and there I might reconsider as this tour is pricey. This tour is not for slackers. It is at a brisk pace. They have an agenda and it is to accomplish as much as possible before the day is over. This means that there is no time for souvenir shopping or dilly dallying. Unfortunately, there is barely time to go to the bathroom. Now, the guides will help arrange potty breaks but as a large group it always seemed hurried and an interruption. I loved that the guides were super friendly (we had three guides and two awesome, the third meh). They really enjoyed their jobs and were still excited about riding the rides after the umpteenth time. They would discuss amongst themselves: “yes you take them on on Haunted Mansion, I love the Tower of Terror I will take them on that one”) Lunch was at the Brown Derby in Hollywood Studios. It was a nice sit down restaurant. They had our orders already and we had place cards with our names printed on it so our food came out to us without a hitch.


Universal Orlando VIP Experience

Maybe it was because of our tour guide but I thought she really made the VIP Tour special. We had a smaller group (8 total) with one guide. That ratio was very nice. We had one family of 4 with us who had done the tour the day before and were back again and had requested the same guide because she was so awesome. That really told me a lot about how awesome it was going to be. At Disney we were escorted into the fast pass lanes as a group but at Universal we were directly zipped to the ride without waiting in ANY line. We almost always made our way to the child swap area where our guide would patiently gather our belongings so they were safe, she would make sure we would get the seat we wanted whether in the very front or the very back and then we would be on our way. We got an hour free time for lunch which was nice. We at at the Three Broomsticks. The food was fantastic. We got fish and chips and ribs and corn on the cob and butter beers of course. Then we had some time to browse the candy shop. Our tour guide also shared really cool insider things with us. One happens on the train going back towards Gringotts. *wink wink* We got secret tips on how to score high on MIB.

I had a great time and no regrets. I would recommend these VIP experiences. It was not cheap but this trip was in celebration of my birthday and what a birthday trip it was!

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