Adventure in Beekeeping Series

Well folks, I’ve decided to enter the world of beekeeping! When I try anything new, I always relish in the fact that during this novice time period that I know nothing. Nothing at all. It’s always an interesting experience into a whole new world filled with lots of people talking a different lingo with their own unique culture. As I embark on this adventure I’ll document what I learn and my progress.

Here’s what I’ve done so far…I’ve attended to local beekeeper meetings. These have been very helpful in that they lots of resources, not just seasoned beekeepers that have a wealth of information to share but also simple things like books and dvds on beekeeping. At the beekeeper meetings I’ve already met many people who were eager to help and lend a hand or just be available for our many questions.

I’ve also been online and scouring catalogs trying to piece together what kind of equipment and bees I will get. This is a tremendous job in itself. You have to make a few decisions right of the bat. What strain of bees do you want? What size hive? What size hive body? What size supers? Wow, look at me spewing lingo already. I’ll detail in a later post what kind of equipment I’m choosing and why.

So far, I’ve learned this much: start early! Start going to meetings, read books, get online, and talk to beekeepers. You will want to start deciding what equipment you want to work with and get all that in order and in place before you bring any bees home. And on that matter, you will need to figure out where and when you will get your bees. As I’m typing this in March I have found that most bee sellers are already sold out and I will be getting my bees in the second wave of availability in May. I will also have to drive to another city to pick them up which isn’t ideal but I’m eager to get started!

In the end, there’s a lot to learn and a lot to decide but you gotta start somewhere so I’m jumping head first into this interesting world of bees and I’m looking forward to the day I can look back and remember there was a time I knew nothing about bees.